Walk for Him is for everyone. If you can't find the answer you need here, 
call our team now on 1800 22 00 99.

What is Walk for Him? 

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Walk for Him is a fundraising event for the Prostate Cancer Foundation of Australia (PCFA). The funds raised will go towards life-saving research, awareness campaigns and support services. 

Walk for Him takes place throughout Men’s Health Week 2024, 10 -16 June. We're asking ‘how far will you go’ for the men in your life. This provides you the opportunity to set your own distance goal for the week or they can opt for the suggested 25kms.  

Visit walkforhim.org.au for more information and to register. 

Who can take part?

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Whether you’re an individual, a workplace, a team, a bunch of mates, or an entire sports club – registering and getting involved in Walk for Him is easy. 

Make every step matters this Men’s Health Week. 

If you are under 18 you will need your guardian’s consent to take part. 

How much does it cost to register?

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It’s completely free to register and participate.

How does it work?

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Once you sign up, you’ll receive a fundraising page and access to the Walk for Him resources. You can walk at your own pace each day during Men’s Health Week, and spread the word to your friends and family. Fundraising is open from the time you join, so you can step to it right away. 

From the moment you sign up, we’ll be there with tips and support to help you.

When and where does the challenge take place?

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Walk for Him is an online fitness challenge which runs throughout Men’s Health Week, 10-16 June 2024. 

You decide where and when to complete your challenge and help us make strides in the fight to save lives.  

You can start fundraising as soon as you register! 

What do I have to do?

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Throughout Men’s Health Week challenge yourself to walk each day to reach your self-appointed goal.  

Share your progress with friends and family by sharing your activity on social media and ask them to support you in your cause by making a donation to your fundraising page.

Where do the funds go that I raise?

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All proceeds will go to Prostate Cancer Foundation of Australia funding life-saving prostate cancer research, nursing, and awareness. Together we can get closer to a future where no man dies of prostate cancer.

Are donations tax deductible?

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Donations of $2 or more to Prostate Cancer Foundation of Australia are tax-deductible in Australia

How do I update my fundraising goal?

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Login to your fundraising dashboard using the email you registered with, click on ‘Edit my page’ and update your fundraising goal. 

How do I bank any offline fundraising? 

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The best way to bank offline donations is through your online fundraising page with your own credit or debit card. 

Deposit the money into your bank account and then make the transaction directly onto your page. 

You can even make multiple transactions and add each donor’s name and their individual messages to you. Your total fundraising amount will then be shown on your page. You can get a copy of the receipt in their name and share it with them. 

How do I log my distance online with Strava, Fitbit or MapMyFitness? 

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Your profile page includes your personal distance tally so you can track your distance towards your target.  

If you track your workouts with Fitbit, Strava or MapMyFitness your distances will automatically add to your tally. If you do not use one of these apps you can also log your fitness activities manually.  

Follow these steps to track your KMs automatically: 

  • Download the Fitbit, Strava or MapMyFitness app and set up your account. 
  • Log in to your account on Walk for Him and in your Dashboard go to the My Fitness Activity page. 
  • Under the heading ‘Connect your preferred Fitness app’, click your chosen app. 
  • Follow the prompts to connect your account. 
  • When you next work out, select ‘start your workout’ in the app on your phone. Once you end your workout, save your workout and your distance will be published to the tally on your page the following day. 
  • If you have synced your app already but it is not working, please log in and reconnect it. 
  • When using Fitbit, you must ‘start’ an activity and save it. Your cumulative daily kms will not automatically add to your page. If you are having issues, try syncing through BOTH your Fitbit and the Fitbit app on your smartphone.
  • Your tally will be updated each day with the previous day’s distances.  

      What do I do if my fitness app is connected but my data is still not showing on my page?

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      If you have synced your app already but it is not working, please log in to your fundraising dashboard and reconnect with the fitness app. 

          How long does it take for my preferred fitness app to sync?

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          It may take up to 24 hours for your fitness data to sync with your fundraising dashboard. If this has not occurred, please attempt relinking your app and adding any missed workouts manually on the “My Fitness Activity” page. 

              How do I log my distance online manually? 

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              You can manually add your kilometres to the tally in your My Fitness Activity tab of your profile after registering. This is a great option if you’re using a pedometer or don’t want to sync your fitness app. 

              Follow these steps to manually add your KMs: 

              • Log in to your account and select ‘My Fitness Activity’. 
              • Under ‘Add activity’, enter the date and distance. 
              • The number of KMs will now appear on your fundraising page! 

                  Can I post my photos or details on Prostate Cancer Foundation Australia’s social media pages? 

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                  Definitely! We’d love to see what you’re up to. You can tag us in public posts and stories on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Instagram. And don’t forget to use the hashtag #WalkforHim so we can like, share or retweet your post! 

                      Who do I contact if I have any other questions? 

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                      We're always here to help. Give us a call on 1800 22 00 99 or email us at walkforhim@pcfa.org.au
                      We are also available on our social media channels. Get in touch! 

                          I've shared my page on Facebook asking for donations using the Facebook Donate button. Will the funds I raise come to Prostate Cancer Foundation Australia?

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                          Yes, they will, however, we advise that you don’t use the Facebook Donate button as we can’t link these donations to your fundraising page. If you’ve already set up a post, we ask that you: 
                          • Delete the post, as this is the only way to remove the Facebook Donate button. 
                          • Create a new Facebook post and share the link to your fundraising page without adding the ‘Donate’ button. 

                            Why aren't the donations that I'm receiving through Facebook showing up on my fundraising page? 

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                            Facebook donations are handled and held by a third party, so we can’t sync these donations with Walk for Him due to limitations with the Facebook Donate button functionality. Given these limitations, we advise you not to use the Facebook Donate button to raise funds.  

                            If you’d like your friends and family to donate to you, we encourage you to share the link to your fundraising page instead. 

                              How do I create a team? 

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                              You can create a team when you first register – it’s part of our simple 3 step registration process. Alternatively, you can go to your Fundraising “Dashboard” and select the “CREATE A TEAM” section, and follow the prompts. 

                                How does someone join my team once it’s set up? 

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                                You simply go to the “MY TEAM” section and you can share the link to join your team from the “Invite others to join My Team“ section. From here they will be directed to either “Create an account” or “Login” to their existing account. 

                                  Can I change my team name? 

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                                  Yes. As team captain you can change your team name in the Team section of your dashboard. However, any links you’ve previously shared will not work. If you are having difficulties with this or urgently need to change your team name, please contact us at walkforhim@pcfa.org.au or on 1800 22 00 99. 

                                    Can I change my team fundraising target? 

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                                    Yes. You simply go to the “MY TEAM” section and then the “Team Page Settings” tab, where you can adjust your team's fundraising target. To find out how to adjust your personal fundraising target, head to your Dashboard. 

                                      How do I win prizes? 

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                                      While you’re raising funds and awareness for prostate cancer, you could also win some of these awesome prizes! 

                                      Register before June 1 and go in the draw to win a $250 voucher from our friends at The Good Guys * T&C must receive a donation by Jun 19.  

                                      Be one of the first 250 participants to raise $100 will receive an exclusive Walk for Him t-shirt.  

                                      Raise $250 and go in the draw to win 1 of 3 fitbits. 

                                      Raise $500 and submit your photo and story to be featured on our Walk for Him Champions page. 

                                      Raise $700 and go in the draw to win a $750 Apple Voucher 

                                      Raise $1,200 and go in the draw to win a $1,000 Coles Myer gift card. 

                                      Raise over $2,000 and go in the draw to receive a $1,000 donation toward your fundraiser. (From our proud partner Tyrepower) 

                                      *Terms and conditions apply. 

                                        How many contacts can I email through my dashboard?  

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                                        It’s great to reach out to your contacts to inform them that you are participating in Walk for Him 2024 and get their support. You can email a maximum of 50 people every 24 hours through your dashboard. If you'd like to email more than 50 people, you can do this through your email client (Gmail, Outlook etc.)

                                        Prostate cancer is the most commonly diagnosed cancer in Australia.

                                        1 in 5 men are likely
                                        to be diagnosed by 85

                                        Around 24,000 
                                        are diagnosed each year

                                        10 men die each day

                                        from prostate cancer

                                        You can also Donate via Direct Deposit:
                                        Account Name: Prostate Cancer Foundation of Australia Ltd
                                        BSB: 062 000
                                        Account Number: 12668231
                                        Payment reference: Your full name
                                        To request your receipt: donations@pcfa.org.au