Melissa Bagshaw


Every step
matters this
Men’s Health Week.

I’m taking strides to save men’s lives.

My father in law died of prostate cancer but, after my own husband was diagnosed with prostate cancer in 2019, I pledged to make it known, that all men at the age of 40-45, regardless if they have a family history of prostate cancer or not, for them to get a PSA test done. So far I have succeeded in five men going in to their GPs to get their PSA blood test done. One finding out the cancer had nearly spread from his prostate to the rest of his body, luckily got it in time. He had his prostate out. 

My husband had brachytherapy surgergy in 2020 and is currently in remission. 

My family friend has just had his prostate out a few months ago and is doing well. 

This means a lot to me. 

It amazes me that GPs do not push for a test in 40-45 year old men. This is why I have taken the pledge to not only walk for my father in law who has passed from it but, also for my husband and my family friend and friends that have found they have it. 

Prostate cancer is Australia’s most commonly diagnosed cancer. 1 in 5 men are likely to be diagnosed by 85.

That’s why, this Men’s Health Week, I’m making every step count.

Will you donate today and help fund new research to detect and defeat prostate cancer? 

Can you also ask any male that’s close to you to please have a PSA test. The sooner they get the results the better the outcome will be if proven to have prostate cancer. You don’t die with prostate cancer, you die from it! 

Thank you 

Regards Melissa 

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Melissa Bagshaw

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